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Wanna Get Hot ??

Hint: Of course you do!


Made from 100% Blue Weber Agave, Get Hot Tequila is the world’s first, and best, Habanero Infused Tequila. This finely aged Reposado is barreled for more than 9 months and only then is it skillfully infused with the clean and crisp heat of the Habanero pepper.


What is Get Hot Tequila?

Like all proper tequila’s Get Hot is distilled and bottled in Mexico. This one is produced from a family farm located in Jesus Maria, Mexico about an hours drive of Guadalahara. Built in 1921, the family farm has been making incredible tequila for nearly 50 years and has won what some say is the most prestigious award available, a Double-Gold from San Francisco International Spirit Competition. NOM 1079 for those of you who like that kind of info.


Distillery back when it was being built in 1921.


Did we mention that Get Hot Tequila has won a Gold Medal? Yes, this past March. We have also won two silvers and a bronze. Things are looking good.


We’re really happy about our success. And guess what? Get Hot Tequila is now available EVERYWHERE in the U.S. thanks to the amazing internet. Get yours now! Just click on any of our “Buy Get Hot Tequila” buttons


Get Hot Tequila won’t burn your mouth, it will make it smile. We wanted our customers, not to see us as a party trick, but to see us AS the party. And trust us…we won’t disappoint. Everyone can bring a bottle of vodka or a six pack of beers to a party. But when was the last time you saw a bottle of Get Hot Tequila? It’s summer time, you should really join in the fun.


We looooove Get Hot Tequila straight (another hint: serve over ice and bring the heat note forward), but folks are also looking for amazing cocktails these days. We have a couple of those ready to roll for you. They are super easy to mix and make. Everyone will be impressed. I mean, who doesn’t want to drink a HOT DONKEY?

Cocktail 1 recipe.JPG
Cocktail 2 recipe.jpg

We really hope you give us a try. Again, right now you can buy Get Hot Tequila online through our partner retailer. Just click on one of those buttons! And when I say, we at Get Hot Tequila, I really mean me, John Vasicek. I started this company a couple of years ago and really appreciate all our customers and fans. If you ever want to send me a comment, feel free to email me or reply to our facebook page. I will always answer any questions. Thanks again for reading!

Thank you.

John Vasicek, Owner Get Hot Tequila

And just for fun, check out this video of Get Hot Being Bottled on the family farm. You will truly see that’s a handmade love affair. Cheers!!