It was winter and I was driving south. I wanted to get to a beach, and where I live, you go south for warmer weather. The sun was high and I was thirsty for something other than water. I spotted a joint that would probably do the trick. The cantina stood next to a giant cactus that was probably a thousand years old. I figured the adobe bricks could’ve been that age, too. The locals didn’t seem to mind a gringo's presence as I bellied up at the bar. “Want to Get Hot, señor?” the purveyor asked me. “Sure,” I said, and he slid a golden Reposado my way. I took it back and was struck by the spicy heat of a tequila that started bold but faded just as fast. No lime or salt needed here, I thought. That drink has lived with me ever since.

John Vasicek, Owner


What is Get Hot Tequila?

Get Hot Tequila’s mission is to become the “go-to” infused tequila. That mission began with sourcing an exceptional Reposado and combining it with a sophisticated (not heavy-handed) habanero infusion that packed just the right amount of heat to bring on a visceral reaction.

The Reposado is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave and is sourced from a family farm located in Jesus Maria, Mexico about an hours drive North-East of Guadalahara. The family farm was built in 1921 and has been making incredible tequila for nearly 50 years and has won many awards for their wonderful tequilas, including what some say is the most prestigious award available, a Double-Gold from San Francisco International Spirit Competition.

Quality is a number one concern for the product as Get Hot Tequila knows that consumers are willing to try almost anything, but getting repeat customers is the pathway to success.


Hacidenda in 1921.


Hacidenda today


Blue Agave Fields on the family farm.

We also knew we wanted to be different right from the start, so we went non-traditional right away, starting in the design phase. The result was a beautiful, eye-catching label and bottle and non-traditional infused flavors. Just exceptional tequila and precise heat. Get Hot Tequila has achieved tremendous success in just a year, winning three medals for product quality as well as being top-rated infused tequila of all time (International Spirit Competition (Gold) San Diego International Spirits Competition (Silver) & Beverage Tasting Institute (89 Points).


We at Get Hot Tequila like to drink it straight, no lime, no salt…up neat. But we also love it on the rock, which brings the heat note out more quickly or with some of our favorite mixers.

Cocktail 1 recipe.JPG
Cocktail 2 recipe.jpg

You can see a bottle of Get Hot Tequila being bottled. It is truly a hand-made, small batch product. The quality shines through.